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Posted by on January 9, 2012

We have been graciously accepting donations of all types over the last couple months. They have come in the forms of money and physical property and are very happy to receive them. It helps us grow!

In some cases things get donated that we have no use for, so we find the right organization to re-gift the donations too. Below is a great story of how we can all give back and its easier then you think.

“Hello my name is Kris Howell. I am the Director of Entertainment for Growing Change Inc… I would like to share my experiences from Tue Jan 3rd 2012. I also am the Kitchen Manager at The Knitting Factory Boise. We were doing our annual inventory of food items yesterday and the amount of stuff that was being written off started piling very high. I could not let these valuable food items go to waste so I asked my Manager Jodie if it would be ok to donate these items to a local charity. She of course had no objections. The charity I chose was the Boise Rescue Mission. When I walked into their office they looked at me as if I was a Client looking for shelter but when I told them I had a sizable food donation their smiles started growing. It made me feel good to know that our “wastes” would help to feed many needy people. Some of the items donated were fresh vegetables, rice, soy sauce, salad dressings, crackers, dessert toppings, etc.

These types of organizations rely on many local donations to function. They help people get out of the weather and have time to think about their next move. I strongly back organizations such as The Boise Rescue Mission because I personally have had to use them before back in Florida when times were rough. Without these amazing souls that help run these places people that have had bad breaks would have a much harder time getting back on their feet. May the Universe smile upon them.

If you have a business in the food industry and are thinking of throwing supplies out because they are close to date or are no longer needed due to menu changes. DON’T! We at Growing Change will come to your place of business and pick up the items and distribute them to needy organizations in our community. We can also write you a¬†receipt for tax deduction purposes if needed which would then pay you back for your wonderful¬†contributions.

Sustain Yourselves,

Kris Howell”

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