Growing Change has many end objectives. As a 501(c)3 educational organization we are required to educate the public! We are excited that we can use music, trees, and water to do this. We have such a great team and great concepts to build on. A big thanks goes out to the Boise community, the support here is just awesome!

1) Community Gardens – Seeds and water are cheap! Sun is free… I can see every reason to get out and grow some crops!

In the future we want to secure community garden space from local schools/parks. Also, we want to work with pre-existing community gardens.

2)Sustainability – is the capacity to endure…including the management of resources. The average 1/4 acre lot is large enough to produce enough food for an entire family if managed properly. Utility bills can be cut into fractions by growing trees around the house, using passive solar design, water collection containers, using LED Lights, solar panels. etc. So why are people not using more? Many of these are cheap or free to implement and have tremendous savings in the long-term.

3) LED Water Purification- Growing Change wants to install community water purification systems in developing countries. New technology using LED UVC lights (same UV light you get from the sun), kills all bacteria and protozoans present in water. These systems have no effect on chemicals or sediment found in water so in some cases pretreatment would be necessary.

To get an Idea of how this works check out: SteriPen

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