Hyde Park, Raffles and Fundraising

Posted by on October 2, 2011

Hyde Park Street Fair

The end of summer always brings about the feeling that you never want it to end. You want to enjoy that one last late sunsets (10pm in Boise), one more float down the river or another camping trip before the snow. Hyde Park is one of those ways of sending off the summer in a festive, fun, community oriented way. I have been going to Hyde Park Street Fair since I was a kid, when it was held in the historic Hydepark in north downtown  Boise. We would get some good street food and watch the belly dancers in the middle of 13th street. A few things have change since then, one of those being the location. Although still referred to as Hyde Park Street Fair, this joyous event takes place streets away in the much larger Camelsback park. The festival at one time would get hundreds of visitors over the three day affair, now gets over 50,000.

(Picture thanks of Blog Your Apples Are My Oranges )

Amongst the beer tents, music stages, hippie kids, drums, and food stands lies the culture of Boise. People selling their artifacts, curios  and promoting their services. This was the perfect place for us to get out our message. We want to bring more awareness about our Mission and Goals to the community. We were also collecting money and donations for our up coming concert. As you followers know, Growing Change is having their benefit concert:

 Agua Palooza  It will be at The Knitting Factory,  in Boise, ID.   –    Oct 15 2011.  6pm – 11:30pm. There will be spinner prizes, raffles, silent auction and a Mystic VIP Section complete with massages, tarot readers and psychics. Its going to be a great time and is all ages, so come on out! There will be 5 bands and a guaranteed good time.

So far we have raised several hundred dollars for this great event. Below are some pictures of our fundraising/awareness building efforts at Hydepark.

We had a good time too. This is Caroline our Fundraising Coordinator.

Me and the puppies…

Caroline and Kris..hes holding an awesome Bruno Jasper that was donated.  Be ready to bid on it at our event.

Non Profit is all about the fun as well as passion ! Go team!

On day two of the festival our board president Lotus, vice president Chuck and I headed down to market our organization. Shes dressed here appropriately for the event as a rockstar fairy goddess.

Board Vice president Chuck (seen here holding a donated item). Looks like a waterfall to me, but I have a one track mind.

Here is a picture of some money we have already raised and some of the auction items we have received thus far.

We also have had donations from local artists, local made jewelery, 2 Adirondack Chairs with foot stools, various gift baskets and more! So come on down and watch some good bands, have a drink and buy some super sweet items.

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