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Posted by on March 9, 2012

The winter gets long when you want to plant trees and get outside and there is only cold in sight. I know at Growing Change we cant wait to get out and get the activities we have been planning all winter going…. we have plenty to tell you about.

Seeing that Arbor Day 4/27/2012 and Earth Day 4/22/2012 are coming up, you know its going to be a busy time for us.

First off I will start off with a quote I found on the internet:

“We put their pieces in our mouth (toothpicks), we send each other notes on them, we sit on them, live in them, wear them, walk on them, are supported by them…why shouldn’t we hug them?”

Its true, why not hug a tree….

Trees provide air, food, clothing, paper, firewood, food, absorb toxins, provide habitats for wildlife and soo much more. They are living things that are in direct correlation with our survival; we should think about this more!

That being said, when are you planting your next tree? During the next month there will be plenty of opportunities to get free trees from participating stores and organizations.

Check out things trees provide for more fun facts…


National Wildlife Federation

Every year the NWF provides free trees to organizations such as our from their Tree Bank Program. This programs allows private donors to allocate funding for trees that will be planted by non profit organizations. Growing Change will receive 300 trees this year to be planted with youth groups around the area. We will teach these students the importance of trees, their effect on the environment and how to properly plant/care for them. It is a great event that will grow exponentially in the following years.

Next Event:

4/15 – Tree planting with the youth of Center for Spiritual Living – This event will feature tree plating and education with students aged 6-17.

Other Events:

4/20/2012 Party 4 the Planet –  A great event with live bands. We will have a booth and give-aways so come check out our booth at The Knit Boise.

5/26 – 5/27 208 Tattoo Festival – A two day festival that will receive over 10,000 visitors. We will have a booth and be raising funds for water purification, please come check us out and donate.

TBA – Metal for the Mountains – A  Growing Change exclusive concert, more information coming.




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