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Metal for the Mountains

This is the Metal for the Mountains. Metal 4 the Mountains Boise, is going to Rock!


5PM – 945PM

Idaho Old Penitentiary
YES… it is official. We are having Metal 4 the Mountains.

Growing Change Inc a 501c(3) non profit will be holding Metal For the Mountains at the Old Idaho Penitentiary. This 150 year old sand stone prison set amongst the Boise Foot Hills is going to be the dramatic setting for this metal show.

We like to use music to help raise awareness and funds for our organization. Our first show was held at the Knitting Factory Boise, where we had five bands and an attendance of over 500 people, we hope to double this for M4M


-Karin Comes Killing



– Kilmer 

1000 person capacity

There will be great music, beer, food and fun so come out and help your favorite non profit!

During the show some buildings will be open for display.

Stay tuned for more information here and on facebook.


Buy Tickets Now for $10 or $15 at the door.

Cause: Water Purification Systems

A major focus of our organization is to provide water purification systems to developing communities. After all, everyone needs water. To demonstrate this as a viable project to help provide clean water, we would like to install one of these systems along the Boise River. Every year thousands of people enjoy walking, biking and floating our beautiful river. However, there are many places along the 30+ mile stretch where there is no access to water. All that river without a drop to drink. We live in a desert and providing water here is just as important as providing water in other places. This is why we would like to start here, with proceeds from this show going towards providing a water purification system along the Boise Greenbelt. All additional funds raised will go towards our fund for international installations.


Concert Goer Beware:

This concert is held in an old prison. It is dangerous! There are sharp, hard objects around the entire venue. There is lots of cement, metal and open pits (not to mention the hanging gallows will be open for display). Growing Change is not responsible for any injuries, deaths or bodily harm or damage to personal property caused by attending this event. We reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.


We are a charity dedicated to providing clean water. Inappropriate behavior, damage to property, intoxication or attempts to breach designated areas will result in immediate rejection of the venue and possible jail time.


Not Allowed in the Venue:


-Outside food or drinks. (water ok)

-Weapons, Knifes, Chains.

-Moshing, Hardcore Dancing

-Smoking outside designated area


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