Occupy Boise

Posted by on December 4, 2011


As Boise settles in for the Occupy, we at Growing Change decided to check out the activies at the old court house in downtown. As it is getting cold we also decided it might be nice to donate some food. We aren’t quite sure all the facts, but we do know people need healthy nutrients. In total we donated $80 worth of groceries to the Occupy including: rice, beans, ramon, coffee, hot chocolate, snacks, chips, water, tea, noodles, fruits, vegtibles and potatos. We also donated safety blankets and safety lights we had left over from Agua Palooza.

As we arrived at the Occupation we weren’t really sure what to expect, but were greeted by friendly happy faces. They could tell it was our first time and before we could ask any questions they started giving us a tour. I was instanly impressed at the ingunity and cleanliness of the camp. There were people from all races and ages, although the average was around 32 years of age.

The first stop on our walk through camp was the information tent which is located so passerby can grab information. Next it was on to the communication tent and medic tent. We found out that their is no doctor on site, but a nurse checks in from time to time. I was also surprised to learn that the only people allowed in the camp are people who are actively participating in the demonstrations/disscussions and camp duties.  Transients and homeless are asked politely to help or leave.

Next it was on to the makeshift kitchen. I was surprised to see the organization dispite being in open air tents/tarps and at the amount of donations that had been giving by the public. They will surely need them if they are to grow and be sustained through out the winter.

After dropping off our donations we walked through the heart of camp. We could hear people singing, disscussing and meeting amongst themselves. Learning what makes the society tick and what needs to be change and how it can be changed.  In reality there are no set of demands or concerns. It is a group of people who are angry about how we have been treated by the government and big corporations. People who are angry about our contaminated food by monsanto, the coruption in our governement, the disparte treatment amongs civil classes, and everything else. They are people who are fighting the only way they can.

I fear that at times that it will not be enough and that we are not big enough. But then I am reminded that we are the 99% and eventually voices will be heard and things changed. Perhaps our kids will be eating organic meat and vegitibles and have free healthcare. This is what we can hope for.  Regardless this group of people has come from different places and different backgrounds to make a difference in our country. They are doing it through peace and information and I hope they are able to succeeded for the rest of us who cant!

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