Taking chances, stepping out of the box and doing things a different way is our goal. We make candles that burn longer and brighter while utilizing recycled containers and all natural materials. Growing Change is a non profit organization that focuses on self-sustainability, education and resource management in the hope we can leave a better world for future generations.

RecyCandle Project
This project started off with the desire to provide a better, brighter and more natural candle free of toxic wicks and waxes while maintaining our dedication to reusing and reducing. Our hard wax is made from palm trees, a renewable and safe material that crystallizes when cools. It provides a significant longer burn time than most other waxes and our wicks are made from natural cotton core and wood. The containers are donated by conscientious community members or up-cycled from the second hand market. Most contain old wax which is melted to create large outdoor candles where old wick assemblies are also re-purposed. Our RecyCandles are scent free and perfect for light workers or people sensitive to unnatural fragrances and zinc wicks.

Looking for custom candles made from organic essential oils, beeswax, or special containers? Contact us for a quote!

Warning : Candles can be dangerous around children, pets or if left unattended. Maintain a safe distance from curtains, flammable materials and other fuel sources. Extinguish before leaving your home or falling asleep.

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