Trees, Trees and more Trees!!!!!! (Part 1 of 2)

Posted by on April 25, 2012

As mentioned in one of the previous communications, we have recently worked with the National Wildlife Federation to be the care taker of 300 fruit trees. We are so grateful to have this opportunity and I can tell you this, it truly brought people together.


During the distribution of the trees we meet with a dozen other non profit organizations and sustainable oriented souls. It has been simply great! Our first batch of fruit trees arrived the first week of April. These 200 fruit trees consisted of cherry, plum, apple, and pear saplings.  (more in the next post)

Our next shipment of 100 trees was for Juneberry or Serviceberry trees. These flowering trees also provide a delicious berry that is great for birds and pies! Now how could you go wrong there?

We decided to do this tree planting with the teens group from The Center of Spiritual Living. The teens planted dozens of trees which were then watered by the childrens group. It was fun watching them all come together to plant.

In the end almost 100 fruit bearing trees were planted and many got educated on the benefits of trees….which is significant. We were so happy to be able to work with the youth and with the National Wildlife Federation. Doing events like this really helps raise awareness about our organization and what we are trying to accomplish.

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