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WOW. what fun!

Neo Tundra Cowboy playing Agua Palooza, their last show before Nashville.

Antonio Bommarito doing Steri Pen demonstration from river water!

Caroline and Antoino reading off raffles!

Agua Palooza was a hit! We raised a little over $1500 and got our name out to 300 – 500 people! We had 6 beautiful goddesses in the VIP section healing . We had 5 rocking bands and two dozen donations from different stores and local artists. This community sure knows how to show support.

Thank you….

Pat Mcdonald and the Tropical Cowboys

Danger Beard

Neo Tundra Cowboy

Jupiter Holiday

Actual Depiction

These bands rocked the house!!

Special Thanks to Steri-Pen! You were inspirational in helping us show the public what we want to do on a large-scale!

special thanks to 8th Street Market Place… There were countless donations from this handful of businesses. They need your support!

Special thanks to the Knit Boise! Rocking staff and great accommodations!

Super awesome thanks to our MC Sandy Cavanaugh you are the best MC ever! So super happy and impressed!

Thank you to our BSU Service Learners, Jenn, Katie, Jamie and Tara… you ladies rock!

A special thank you to the board and guidance of Growing Change Inc...  Pamela and Chuck Bommarito, Ken Harris, Donna Vasquez.

Thank you Jacqueline Kennedy, Kat Rolley and all the other mystic healers in the VIP Mystic Lounge!

Thank you to Linzi Alabama, our social media coordinator!

A very very special thanks to Kris Howell and Caroline Nutter. We had so many sleepless nights working to make this show happen. We gave it everything we had and the fruits of labor truly showed in the success of Agua Palooza.

It was a great success and we are so happy that the community came out to support us!

The work is hard and not always glorious but we think we can change the world a little at the a time. Thank you for your help in creating a better place for all.

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  1. Lotus

    Great show, great donations, and a great cause!